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FS Human Mario Kart GP

September 2018

Event Profile

FS Human Mario Kart GP has become a legendary Fountain Square event. Over 1,200 spectators and 34 teams turn out for the inaugural event. With every major media outlet in the city on-site to cover the spectacle, teams pedaled Triad drift trikes around a Mario Kart-inspired track while competing for the coveted prize – The Mushroom Cup. Racers zip around real-life obstacles, scoop up coins, collect power-ups and dodge incoming distractions from the crowd. Each team is comprised of four racers who each complete one lap, pitting to swap drivers, all while decked out in some amazing costumes. Fans get in on the action by chucking obstacles and water balloons at drivers as they compete for the finish line. The event will return to Fountain Square in 2018.

The proceeds from the sale of the crowd obstacles (water balloons, squirt guns, balls) benefit local charities including Girls Rock.


Date: September 2018
Venue: Murphy Arts Center
Frequency: Annual


Attendance: 1,500-2,000 attendees

Attendee Profile:
  • 21-34 years of age, 60% male vs. 40% female
  • Millennials, Gamer Nerds, Neighborhood Leaders, Adventurers, Adrenaline Junkies, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Company Teams


Available: Presenting, Official, Track, Infield & Beer Garden, Obstacle Booths, Finish Line, Gaming Lounge, Bike & Helmet

Key Categories: Beer, Wine, Spirits, Energy Drink, Fitness, Outdoor Recreation, Tech, Gaming, Automotive, Leisure Sales, Residential Real Estate
Market: Indianapolis
Costs: $2,000 – $20,000

Vendors: Local Businesses, Food, Community, Events
Costs: $500


Goose Island
Triad Drift Trikes
Nottingham Realty
Tappers Arcade Bar


Girls Rock, Inc
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Event Stats

water balloons thrown
media impressions
bananas peeled

Why Should You Get Involved?

FS Human Mario Kart GP is a free, all-ages event that draws a young adult crowd of socialites, influencers and neighborhood leaders. 100% of the revenue generated from sponsorships is put back into the event and is the driving force to keep this event free to the public. Join us in making 2018 our biggest year ever. Let’s-a-go!