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February 16, 2018

BYBYE Album Release Party w/ SM Wolf, Sweet Poison Victim

Indianapolis, IN
BYBYE Album Release Party w/ SM Wolf, Sweet Poison Victim


BYBYE channels vintage soul-rock and psychedelic trips to shake hips and lay grooves. Our upcoming album, Metamorphasize, drops late 2017, or early 2018!


About SM Wolf

S.M. Wolf is a fuzzy, psychedelic, power pop family band from Indianapolis, IN. The debut self-titled S.M. Wolf EP was released on In Store Recordings in September of 2013. The latest album, Canine Country Club, is a split cassette released on Jurassic Pop Records.


About Sweet Poison Victim 

How comfortable would you feel drinking a mysterious African psychedelic root juice? Expand your mind. SPV is an experience. Strap in, slam a little juice, and get ready to ride the funky snake all the way to the lake.

Trying to describe Sweet Poison Victim can be a bit difficult. Sure, there are some familiar elements in their music, from the plucky pop of West African High-Life to 

the rhythmic groove of Reggae and Cumbia to the impassioned wail of classic Soul 

and the hypnotic pulse of garage rock, but the final product is impossible to pigeonhole. Their influences are mutated, melted down and molded into something new and wonderful. Something that has to be seen and heard in order to be believed. But don’t waste your time trying to describe their sound. Just remember to dance.

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Friday, Feb 16, 2018 | 8:00 pm
Tickets Starting at $10.00
Organizer: HI-FI,
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