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Holler on the Hill Propels Garfield Park To National Spotlight

Garfield Park is one of those places that’s so picturesque, it’s sometimes hard to believe it’s real. It looks like a movie set, part Victorian Drama and part over-the-top verdant perfection of a teen rom-com. In the winter, you can hide out in the warmth of the faux-tropics in the Conservatory, and spring and summer Saturdays, the park is buzzing with farmers market shoppers.

When I stepped out onto the stage at the MacAllister Amphitheater, it seemed almost criminal that there wasn’t a concert going on there every warm weekend of the year. The seats where already there. The stage was covered. There was tons of room for families to lay out picnics, room for kids to run, and the park was this underutilized place that anyone could come to.

That’s how the vision for Holler on the Hill began: I wanted to get people back into this gorgeous city park, and to offer a festival experience at a price point that working people could attend together with their kids. I wanted to give something back to all of the people who’d spent their hard-earned money on tickets to our shows and helped us build the following MOKB has today.

Over the years, MOKB has become a force unto itself, thanks mostly to our audiences, but also because we formed strong relationships with local organizations, and we wanted to pay our dues to those relationships.

If there was one thing I would tell an outside business looking to relocate to Indianapolis, it would be that being a neighbor before everything else is what matters most here. It’s not about building connections that capitalize on hype or influence, but about creating an environment where cooperatively competitive visions can all thrive, and people can turn a passion into real change, maybe even a livelihood.

For us, Holler on the Hill is the completion of an open circle. We started MOKB Presents because we just wanted more live music in Indianapolis, and it turned out we weren’t the only ones. We connected our audience with the music they wanted, all the while creating sustainability for the city’s independent venue owners and local bands. Over the years, the local music scene hasn’t just blossomed, it’s exploding. We went from a couple of shows a week to multiple bands playing every night, all around the city. Most recently, this growth was the centerpiece for Sound Diplomacy’s first U.S. Music Cities Forum.  The one-day discovery workshop focused on building a future music strategy for Indianapolis by aligning civic leaders with the local music sector.  For me personally, sometimes it’s hard to fully express my surprise, gratitude, and excitement about our collective accomplishments. We’re ready, now more than ever, to roll up our sleeves and keep churning out creative projects. 

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Holler on the Hill represents a commitment to the city and the music that got is here. We’re bringing a group of artists that represents MOKB’s history as a promoter including developing indie artists to national touring acts. As a small startup, we’ve always been lean and scrappy.  Giving back to causes you believe in is harder when every dollar counts. When preparing this festival, it was important to make a strong commitment to key organizations who’s missions support causes that were the centerpiece of my upbringing.  In 2018, a portion of Holler on the Hill ticket proceeds will benefit five community organizations including the Indiana Farmers Union, Indiana Forest Alliance, Hoosier Organic Marketing Education (HOME), Garfield Park Farmers Market, and Indianapolis Parks Foundation.

Holler on the Hill Details
Saturday and Sunday, September 22-23, 2018
Gates Open: 11 a.m. each day, All Ages
Two-day Festival Pass: $75 (Sold Out), $85 (On Sale Now)
Single-day Reserved Seating: $65
Single-day General Admission: $48
More information can be found at

I couldn’t be more excited to bring all these means we’ve developed over the years to achieve ends that benefit so many. We’ll see you at the park in September.

Josh Baker
President, MOKB Presents
Founder, Holler on the Hill

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